In memory of sociologist Fatima Mernissi, Morocco’s feminist icon

In the morning of 30 November 2015, sociologist and author Fatima Mernissi (1940) died. She was one of Morocco’s icons of feminism. Fatima played an important role in many areas. She cast doubt on the anti-female Hadith (Islamic traditions on Mohammed’s actions and statements, recorded in a collection of books) and criticized the subordinate place of women in Moroccan society, because reading the Koran, she could find no reason for unequal treatment. Indeed, according to her the holy book – if interpreted correctly – made a strong case for reinforcing women’s rights.

FatemaAccording to Fatima, the Prophet Mohammed intended, when Islam originated in 622, to create a religious and democratic society in which men and women would debate the laws of the society. Instead, women were veiled, excluded from political life and banished from public spaces. Her dream was that there would be a dialogue across borders resulting in the creation of internationally peaceful, tolerant societies.

Engelse vertaling: Christel Koeleman

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