Seminar about Teenage pregnancy: a widespread problem in Cameroon

Teenage pregnancy is a widespread problem in Cameroon. One in every three girls become a mother before her 18th birthday. Apart from becoming mothers before their 18th birthday, social abandonment, exclusion from education and jobs prohibit these girls from establishing sufficient support for themselves and their children. Bleeker Foundation will present its first seminar about Teenage Motherhood in Sub-Saharan Africa on Friday the 27th of May in Amsterdam.


Teenage mother and soroptimist Cecilia

BleekerFoundation was founded by one of the Cameroonian born teenage mothers who did manage to fight her way to a full-fledged life: Cecilia Eben Bleeker, also soroptimist at club Hoorn e.o.. Together with local institutes and key persons in Cameroon, she now sets out to support these girls in their path towards a self-sustained life.

In order to raise understanding and support, create and raise funds, Bleeker Foundation is organizing its first seminar in the Netherlands, with six speakers from national and international platforms. During this seminar, the causes, impact (physiological and psychosocial) and prevention of teenage pregnancies in Sub-Saharan Africa will be discussed. Anyone with a personal or professional interest is welcome.

The seminar is also intended to provide a platform for exchange of best practices in the implementation of Reproductive Health Education in Sub Saharan Africa, we believe it will provide enriching experience for all of the participants.

Teenage Motherhood in Sub-Saharan AfricaFriday, May 27, 2016 from 13:00 to 15:00 pm, AMC Amsterdam, Lecture Hall 1

Registration fee: € 20 per person, € 10 student price (including consumption)

Look here for more information and registration

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